Ti-Strapping is a safe alternative to heavy-duty steel strapping. Ti-Strapping is made of 100% polyester based woven-type strapping.

Highly resistant to UV rays, and can withstand extreme temperatures and highly resistant to acids.

Able to retain high tension for long periods and can be re-tensioned at any time thus providing better load stability.

Use either knurled or circular buckles to secure your load along with the H21 Tensioner Tool

Product Description

DescriptionWidth x LengthUnitPrice Per
Econo13mm x 1000m (280Kg)RollRoll
Econo16mm x 1000m (380Kg)RollRoll
Econo19mm x 1000m (420Kg)RollRoll
White19mm x 1000m (620Kg)RollRoll
1 Red Line19mm x 500m (710Kg)RollRoll
1 Red Line19mm x 800m (710Kg)RollRoll
2 Red Line19mm x 500m (900Kg)RollRoll
3 Red Line19mm x 500m (1100Kg)RollRoll
4 Red Line19mm x 500m (1350Kg)RollRoll
Econo32mm x 500m (600Kg)RollRoll
1 Red Line32mm x 500m (1000Kg)RollRoll
2 Red Line (Brown strapping)32mm x 500m (1250Kg)RollRoll

Use in conjunction with the below Knurled and Circular Buckles

DescriptionSizePackedPrice Per
Knurled Buckles13mm1000 per bagBag
Knurled Buckles16mm1000 per bagBag
Knurled Buckles19mm1000 per bagBag
Knurled Buckles32mm500 per bagBag
Non Slip Knurled Buckles19mm1000 per bagBag
Circular Buckles19mm500 per bagBag
Circular Buckles32mm250 per bagBag

To protect your strapping ‘cutting’ into your product, you may chose to use plastic corner pieces

DescriptionSizePackedPrice Per
Plastic Corner Pieces12mm1000 per bagBag
Plastic Corner Pieces32mm1000 per bagBag