Corrugated Packaging

By Corrugated Packaging we refer to the following:

Stock Boxes which are standard sized boxes manufactured from kraft material which are generally available in both single wall board and double wall board.

Manufactured Boxes which are customised to your particular requirements

**NEW** Honeycomb – Honeycomb paperboard is an incredibly rigid, yet lighweight paperboard panel that is produced by laminating layers of thick paper onto a paper honeycomb core, resulting in a sandwich-like structure with unsurpassed crush
resistance and rigidity. Honeycomb is 100% recyclable.

The 3 new products are Honeycomb KimmoBins, Double Wall Board Corrugated Pallet Boxes & Honeycomb Pallets

Corroboard on roll known also as SFK (Single Flute Kraft) is manufactured from corrugated material. You will find more information on this product under our Protective Packaging category.